Relocation-relevant changes: Specifications

What’s coming to IT:

  • New room layout: Room number concept in ERP, KIS, DIS, RIS, and LIS.
  • New offers: New cost-centre structures.
  • Organisational changes: New OE structure in the PEP.

Here are just a few examples …

New data structures and data streams result in new interface and IPF requirements.

Alignment: Who does what?

If the coordination between all parties involved in construction, networking, clinical equipment, etc., is to succeed, then the integrated IT landscape must always be kept in focus.

Core applications

It is important to implement the relocation-relevant changes in the core applications without any gaps. This requires expert knowledge of processes and data-flows.

New applications

In the new building, would you like to implement new applications and solutions – like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), perhaps? We handle the specifications, tenders, evaluations, the procurement or project management.

Function and integration tests

Our area of expertise: Function- and integration test-management. We create the scripts, coordinate the test series and guarantee that they will indeed be tested – over and over, until we have the necessary security levels.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

More and more people own smartphones. Based on relevant project experience, we’re convinced that software-based and mobile solutions represent the future. .

Tasks we’ve already successfully completed

  • Project management for the specification and customisations of all core applications in an acute-care hospital.
  • Coordination and monitoring of integration tests in an acute-care hospital.
  • BYOD Project Management: for example, replacement of a fix-mounted PMT with a patient information and entertainment system for the patients' own smartphones and tablets.
  • BYOD Request for Proposal (RFP) for another acute-care hospital.

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