Optimisations and Change Requests

Despite the most rigorous testing and preparation, real-time operations bring any remaining gaps to light in areas such as service entry or invoicing. We’re here to support you with this – even when it comes to change requests.

Processes and Workflows

Define the actual and target process landscape, then digitally record and visualize it: a very effective basis for specifications, tenders, training, and change requests.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Would you like a system-agnostic, third-party opinion on a current SLA, or would you prefer establishing an entirely new one? We are happy to advise you and assist you in purchasing negotiations.

Data protection regulations

Is your privacy policy up-to-date? Does it comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? What do you need to consider? We’re well-versed in this and have worked with related working groups.


We analyse the existing invoicing procedures for untapped potential and avoidable errors.

Tasks we’ve already successfully solved

  • Improved billing performance in radiology.
  • Introduction of a multidimensional contribution margin calculation in an acute-care hospital.
  • Improved invoicing in a nursing home.
  • SLA renegotiation for affiliated medical centres.
  • Multilayer process documentation as a basis for process definition, eLearning, application programming and strategic decision-making for emergency clinics and Spitex service providers.
  • Review and extension of data protection regulations for an acute-care hospital.

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