Everything from a single source: technical specification, tendering and manufacturer selection, process-definition, design, testing, training, life-cycle services and communication.

The central software

Software from providers with hospital experience is a key prerequisite for the successful implementation of a modern Patient Information and Entertainment System (PIES).

PIES: A comprehensive project

In order for this proven Software as a Service (SaaS) to be fully effective, the corresponding requirements, processes, interfaces and connections, equipment, training, communication, supplier management, service level definitions, etc. will be needed.

End-to-end project management with us

To avoid your having to deal with all the subprojects, milestones, and suppliers yourself, we take over the overall project management by providing “all-round, single-source, worry-free” project management.

Independent and neutral

Stramec Solutions AG is entirely product- and manufacturer-independent as well as platform-neutral.

For your benefit

With this "General Contractor Approach", we effectively and efficiently unburden our customers – and always from the hospital and the patients’ point of view. We look forward to working together!

First Mover Switzerland: Successful, simple, barrier-free, appealing design, trouble-free, interdisciplinary, and proven.

The first Switzerland-wide PIES with BYOD function

At the end of October 2018, we introduced the first hardware-independent Patient Information and Entertainment System (PIES) including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) usage in Limmattal Hospital. In parallel to the move into the new building, tablet demand was already high in the first few days.

The foundations for project success: Good planning, testing, training, and teamwork

A broad-based team of nursing, hotel, marketing and IT experts defined the requirements. The solution was implemented as a hardware-independent Software as a Service (SaaS). 700 nursing and hospitality employees were so efficiently trained using tailor-made training films, that they were enthusiastic about the solution and successfully integrated it into their daily work.

The simple system gives patients digital freedom

A simple menu navigation is crucial for the solution to be accepted. Patients can quickly and easily log in to get access to desired services and the internet. After their hospital stay, all personal data is deleted, the devices sanitised, and then made ready for the next patients.

PIES Organisation

PIUS Organisation Diagramm

PIES Technology

PIUS Technologie Diagramm

Successful projects: We prefer the pragmatic and the practical – just like you. In our project work, here’s what we value:

Reaching the goal, together and pragmatically

Inter- and cross-disciplinary cooperation in the design, implementation, testing, and launch.

We always view the medical profession, nursing, and paramedicine as equals. We look for the least common denominator and use this as the basis for commitment throughout the project phases.

Whenever possible, we divide a project into manageable subprojects. That way, we use our expert knowledge primarily for specification and implementation. Protocols and presentations are drawn up free of interpretation, but only as many as necessary. These may also be made using in-hospital resources.

We consider regular and unembellished information from hospital management to be critical, as is good team spirit. This is vital for the phases of enthusiasm and disillusionment (“valley of tears”) and for the project’s ultimate success.