This is what our Healthcare customers say about us:

Chief Physician Radiology:

“Good job!”

Dr. med. FMH, co-owner of a medical centre:

“Successful cooperation is based on solid agreement. This is because Mr Jaccard and I understand and trust each other. Because he recognises my customers’ wishes, his answers to my questions are straightforward and clear. I am always well-informed and can ask questions at any time.”

Dr. med. FMH, co-owner of a medical centre:

“Our very successful cooperation is based on the right strategic aspects, similar implementation ideas, as well as rapid and good communication with the partners and management, and the proper organisation of the practice being introduced.”

Dr. med. FMH, co-owner of a medical centre:

“It just simply worked out well; we're ticking right along.”

Head of Computer Science, University Centre for Geriatric Medicine and Rehabilitation:

“I find it very helpful to have such a discriminating sparring partner.“

Head of Computer Science, Hospital/Rehab:

“Today's strategy workshop was great! In my entire time with this company, I’ve never heard such clear strategic statements from management on the ICT Strategy. The strategic approach we’re taking is now clear to everyone.“

This is what our Industry and Services customers have to say:

SME Owner:

“Dear Mr Jaccard, as part of the regular strategy reviews, your contribution to the company’s success over the years has been significant and in such a way that we have always developed further as a company. We appreciate this very much and hope to continue counting on your support.“

Managing Director of a globally-active Production SME:

“We mandated Stramec Solutions AG with supporting, advising, and accompanying our management team in its mission to define the corporate strategy. Stramec’s creativity, speed, and in-depth understanding of our business problems as well as its solution-oriented approach were excellent and yielded optimal results. We continue to count on Stramec’s the support – especially that of Mr Jaccard – during our quarterly strategy review. Stramec’s performance and enthusiasm are excellent, and we highly recommend Stramec as consultant. We would like to thank Stramec and look forward to a successful cooperation.“

Group CEO, Worldwide Plastics Production:

“Once again, thank you again for your moderation yesterday. We’ve taken a major step towards strategy implementation. And I was able to learn a lot from you. Thank you!“

SME Managing Director, Trade:

“Hello Mr Jaccard, I would like to thank you very much for your support in 2015. Whether at the professional or personal level, you have always been of great support to me. Your advice has been immensely helpful in the past weeks/months.”

Head of Packaging Division:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” (A. Einstein) In the age of constant unrest, it is all the more important to focus on strategic goals. With Stramec’s methodology and support, we were able to boil our strategy development down to the essentials and put effectiveness at its core.”

Managing Director, platform service provider:

“Yesterday's strategy meeting with the management was very good and highly valuable. Sharply analyzed by Mr. Jaccard and resulting in clear and critical questions being raised. These are a great help to us for our upcoming positioning.”