Strategy hosting with StratEX GO!® Finally – only one version – anytime, anywhere!

With this tool, there is only one strategy document: no more free-floating Excel variations on various different drives. All team members always have the latest version – anywhere and anytime, whether on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. And, not a single implementation date is forgotten: we’ll send you well-timed reminders!

Stramec Tool läuft auf allen gängigen Platformen

The targeted implementation of a good strategy is even more challenging than developing one.

80% of policies fail, not because they’re bad, but simply because they aren’t implemented! And this is precisely where we start: your strategy is always where you are, with all the measures that need to be implemented for the strategic achievement of your objectives. All the core essentials available, on the go!

One system, one version.

The time-consuming search for the latest version of the strategy, on Excel, Word, or Power Point, is now over... StratEX GO!® helps leaders to quickly and easily focus on the timely implementation of the relevant measures.

Together to the goal.

StratEX GO!® is a server-based Executive Management Application optimised for mobile devices. Using VPN or URL access, the strategy team can access the relevant data at any time and exchange information via e-mail.